Chapter 2- Setting the Stage

Important Notes for Drafting: Keep all work even if it isn’t your best so you have writing to revise and edit when it is time. Write more about about less. “Don’t write that the “Holocaust was inhuman”; describe a “mountain of children”s shoes. Don’t write about how messy your brother is; tell the reader h […]

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Passion Project-1

Today I spend some time drawing this image based off the picture below. I found the photo on Pinterest while searching for drawing inspiration. As you can see in the drawing on the right (mine) I did not plan how big my drawing was going to be while starting and ran out of room for […]

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Teaching Strengths Reflection

Choose five adjectives that students would choose to reflect yourself: Compassionate, Funny, Appreciative, Trustworthy Reflect on the strengths you possess and believe will be a major asset for you as a teacher: Going into my first year of teaching during my practicum in Victoria I am excited to spend time with students to find out […]

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Conditions of Learning and Release of Responsibility

Cambourne’s Seven Conditions of Learning: CAMBOURNE_S_SEVEN_CONDITIONS_OF_LEARNING¬† 1) Immersion- students should be fully immersed in a subject while studying the topic. This includes all senses such as sights, sounds and content. 2)Demonstration- teachers should provided concrete demonstrations in which students should be able to complete the demonstration as well. 3)Expectations- teachers lay out clear expectations of […]

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