Teaching Strengths Reflection

Choose five adjectives that students would choose to reflect yourself: Compassionate, Funny, Appreciative, Trustworthy

Reflect on the strengths you possess and believe will be a major asset for you as a teacher:

Going into my first year of teaching during my practicum in Victoria I am excited to spend time with students to find out what strengths I have in the classroom. The classroom learning environment is important to myself. Reflecting on past classrooms throughout elementary and high school, I recall classes where teachers either lacked control or had too much. Using the following skills in this reflection I wish to create a classroom that is student focused, engaging and rich with hands on activities. Going in, I know I am confident enough to have a loud speaking voice that the whole class will be able to hear. I have an outgoing personality which is an asset while meeting colleagues and parents of my students. I am very interested in getting to know my future students more than just their writing style or average math test mark. I am a compassionate person that wants to know the dreams or goals of my students and assist them towards that. I think this will also help the learning environment of the classroom, if students believe I care about them, because communal trust could form. This is very valuable within the classroom in order to create a learning environment where students are able to express their thoughts without thinking they could be judged for what they said. If I am able to establish a bully-free environment in my future classroom, it is the dream classroom. I believe I am able to be strict when the time is right. Having experience with children at summer camp, boundaries needed to be set between a friend and authoritative role. Being able to establish a boundary between the two allows students to approach a teacher as either a friend or students, very valuable for both involved. After taking J. Wilhelm’s Motivational Survey which indicates how motivational you are to students I scored 92, which falls in the “good” category. With two years of my program left I hope to enter my first teaching job in the “excellent” category.

How would your future colleagues describe you?

I hope my colleagues can view me as a fellow teacher that cares for her students learning and individuality. Also a person that is open to exploring new teaching methods at seminars with fellow teachers around me. I want to be open to collaboration with colleagues for various subjects in the classrooms.   I hope to share lesson plans that fully engaged my students with others as well as asking other teachers for good lesson plans on topics that I am not strongest. I would like to share worthy resources between colleagues if it helps other students with a difficult concept.


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