Personal Learning Goals in EDCI 336

This term in EDCI 336 I am eager to learn how to use various technological tools to organize resources, expand my network and how to integrate technology into my future classrooms. I am looking into finding a professional looking website to organize online resources I have collected from professors over the last year in the Education project. I attempted to create an online binder on but I did not like the set up of the website. One tab can only hold one website, which is not how I would like to organize an online binder. I have a twitter account in which I have followed various principles and super intendants. I wish to grow my network with useful resources shared through twitter and then transfer them to my organization tool I will eventually set-up (once I find a good organization tool). I wish to incorporate technology in the classroom when I am on my practicums and once I have a full teaching position. I hope to be fluent in transition in my classroom from various technological tools to another. I don’t want to be a teacher that stands in front of a class and doesn’t know how to use the projector…Throughout this course I hope to become comfortable with new online tools.

This term in EDCI 336 I will complete a passion project for drawing. I hope to demonstrate my progression in drawing skills using tutorials on youtube and other online sources that I find along the way. Using this blog I will post resources that I have used and drawing that I have completed. This term I am also in an educational art course, any drawing techniques gained will also be shared here. Next post- first drawings!


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