Chapter 1- The Six Traits of Writing

Following are six traits that compose writing and form a writing guide for all:

Ideas: the main message or lesson that a write is trying to convey to their audience.

Organization: how a piece of writing is laid out to guide readers through their story.

Voice: the tone the writer is trying to convey to the readers to enhance the writing more dramatically.

Word Choice: words or phrases written by the author to allude to an image, add clarity or create a pattern.

Sentence Fluency: how sentences or phrase sounds when read.

Conventions and Presentation: enhancing writing with punctuation, correct grammar, paragraph style and design.

Responding to Student Writing:

I believe it is very important to read aloud a piece of writing to check for clarity, fluency and grammar. If you read aloud you are able to depict the tone of the writing which could help to understand the writers point. I like the paragraph about the sex of the writer. While reading an article it would be interesting to guess the age or sex of the author, just based on the tone or voice gathered from the writing. This would be interesting to do with a class to demonstrate how voice can influence a reader or the story. When I am reading a piece of writing I want it to be fully engaging adding details only when they add to the plot or to better understand a character. I enjoy reading witty remarks either in dialogue or just the authors humor surfacing throughout.

Six Point Writing Guide:

I enjoy having six options instead of the regular five. We constantly learn how diverse students are so how can we be expected to place them all in 1 of 5 categories for every work they complete. Adding one more category allows a little more individuality while assessing a student. It also allows teachers to give a 6 to students who really went above expectations to produce their best work, instead of receiving the top mark for completion.  Also, by adding another level in the grading scale students can see exactly where their writing is having more information.

Pet Peeves:

While reading the list of common writing pet peeves I find myself relating to more than I thought I would, here’s some;

Teeny-tiny writing

Commas or periods outside the quotation marks


Confusing there, their and they’re

No title

Ugly fonts

Fluff writing


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