Passion Project-2

This week I chose an image to draw off of Pinterest. I like the detail that it has in the skull. I started this project by trying to match the shape outline of the skull followed by its main features. I drew the outline of the eye, nose and mouth. Next was trying to draw the flowers that cover most of the face. It was easier to draw with the other elements already in place. I chose to use a sharpie over the entire drawing to enhance the features. I did not use colour because I am not confident in my skills with pencil crayons or coloured markers that I would be able to add colours that would enhance the picture, rather than taking away from it. A goal by the end of the semester is to complete a drawing with colour that enhances the picture. skull drawingimageimage

This week I will be starting a 7 day drawing challenge. This is motivation to draw every day for a purpose, as well as trying to draw some topics that I normally would never think of. This is a list of seven topics in which in you complete one drawing per day.  Here’s the list:

Day 1- Animals

Day 2- Fruit

Day 3- Reading List

Day 4- Something Outside

Day 5- Somewhere I want to go

Day 6- Found in the kitchen

Day 7- Underwater creature


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