Passion Project 12

This will be my final drawing post, but not my final drawing. I hope to continue drawing in the future to ensure the right side of my brain gets some time to explore. I feel like choosing drawing for my passion project was a good idea, as I was able to practice my drawing skills […]

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Passion Project 11

I wanted to explore parts of the face for future drawing. The eyes are all different ways that they could be drawn on a face. I tried to explore different emotions and how to show an emotion using just eyes. The sad eyes are easy to spot because of the tears. The most confusing part […]

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Passion Project 10

My favorite¬†cartoon movie for a while has been How to Train Your Dragon and also the sequel. I took this opportunity to draw one of the main characters: Toothless. He is a fun dragon that loves adventure even with an injured tail. I sketched the photo from a scene in the movie. He looks much […]

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Copyright is Important

After searching for information regarding copyright, I am going to focus on why it is important for teachers to understand copyright. Teachers often use materials and lesson plan ideas from searching the web. It is important for teachers to understand how to properly credit the original authors for their work. If teachers understand the importance […]

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Chapter 9: Going Informational

Strategies for Helping Students Create Powerful Informational Writing: 1. Help Students Choose a Good Topic Students should spend time researching and exploring before choosing a topic to write about. If time is not spend before choosing a topic it may lead to poor writing an lack of interest on the writers part. Suggest the following […]

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