Passion Project 11

I wanted to explore parts of the face for future drawing. The eyes are all different ways that they could be drawn on a face. I tried to explore different emotions and how to show an emotion using just eyes. The sad eyes are easy to spot because of the tears. The most confusing part […]

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Passion Project- 4

Day 2- Fruit! After walking around the kitchen looking for inspiration I decided to take on the pineapple rather than the apple or pear on the counter. I began drawing the shape of the body of the pineapple then adding the stiff leaves on top. I then decided to create a patter on the outside […]

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Chapter 2- Setting the Stage

Important Notes for Drafting: Keep all work even if it isn’t your best so you have writing to revise and edit when it is time. Write more about about less. “Don’t write that the “Holocaust was inhuman”; describe a “mountain of children”s shoes. Don’t write about how messy your brother is; tell the reader h […]

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