Chapter 3- Making Meaning with Ideas

Book Titles for Teaching Ideas: Animal Farm- George Orwell The Book Thief- Markus Zusak Charlotte’s Webb- E.B. White Lesson and Strategies for Teaching Ideas 1. Model Topic Choice Share topics that are relevant to you (the teacher) and why they are relevant. This will aid students to discover which topics they feel comfortable writing about […]

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Chapter 8- Preparing to Publish with Conventions & Presentation

Preparing a piece of literature of publish requires several steps before releasing it to the public. The conventions of writing as well as the presentation are very important to consider while editing literature. Editing text includes spelling, punctuation, and grammar. While editing it is important to ensure that the conventions within the writing support the […]

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Creating Categories for My Blog

With the help of a friend’s Youtube video┬áI was able to separate the two subjects that are within my blog. I am currently using this blog for both EDCI302 Reader’s Notebook as well as EDCI336 Technology Innovation in Education which includes posts regarding my passion project. I am finding it was a useful addition to […]

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